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Give A Garden: Send Native Plants Gardens for the Holidays

NOVEMBER 25, 2022
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This year, you can surprise your loved ones with a green gift that will truly make them feel special. ‘Give a Garden’ is a perfect holiday gift that unboxes happiness in the form of a native plant garden!

The living gift grows and evolves each day, giving you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It fills a backyard with the sights and sounds of nature’s wild beauty that your family or friends crave for in the materialistic world.

A Unique, Profound and Long-Lasting Gift

‘Give a Garden’ is a thoughtful curation of live native plants which bloom throughout the season and reappear every year without much maintenance. Native plants are easier to grow and don’t require too much pampering, making them ideal for those not born with a “green thumb”. Natives adapt very well to your local conditions and quickly establish relationships with local biodiversity. Soon, you will have a lively garden that is buzzing with busy bees, butterflies, birds and animals which offer plenty of entertainment to you and your family.

A native plant garden of coneflowers and spiderwort

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

'Give a Garden’ is a timeless gift that keeps showering us with its love and rewards for years to come. The gift includes a mix of native plants which fill our yards with vibrant colors and textures. They surround us with positivity, reduce our stress levels and uplift our moods even on the dullest of days. Native plants also have the power to repair our ecosystems and restore the health of our soil and surroundings.

In a way, ‘Give a Garden’ promotes a happy and healthy life, which is just what you would wish for your loved ones.

A Fun, Family-inclusive Activity

With ‘Give a Garden’, you can create an exciting new hobby for your friends and family. Setting up a family garden gives a good reason to put down your phones and spend quality time with each other. Gardening gives ample opportunities for a family to communicate well and celebrate even small victories, like spotting an emerging new life in the garden. Time spent enjoying a garden can turn into priceless memories that last a lifetime.

Redefines the Idea of a Holiday Gift

With ‘Give a Garden’, you can give your favorite people a valuable and rewarding experience that surpasses the joy of opening an expensive gift. A thoughtful gift like a garden redefines the idea of holiday happiness by prioritizing the well-being of your family and friends through a healthy environment.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to think of a gift that is valuable and meaningful at the same time. ‘Give a Garden’ is an eco-friendly gifting choice that will be well-appreciated and enjoyed for years while providing tangible assistance to the environment.

At My Home Park, we want to provide the best experiences for your special people by delivering healthy, good-looking native plants to their doorstep with extreme care. Speak to our expert team now to learn more about our custom plant packages for your region and exciting holiday deals!

Let’s Get Growing!

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