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Gardens for the Greater GoodWhen you bring native plants home, you’re having a meaningful and hugely positive impact on your local environment. Our goal is to help spread this impact across the nation.
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What good can native gardens do?

250sq. ft. of
0Pollinators potentially fed per day, including endangered Monarch butterflies and bumblebees
$0Maintenance costs saved each year
0Gallons of water conserved per year

Many of My Home Park gardens sold contain species of milkweed—the sole host plant for endangered monarch butterflies.

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Help Your Local Environment


Support a Healthy Ecosystem

Native plants are supremely well adapted to your local climate, soil conditions, and wildlife. By providing essential food and habitat for local wildlife, they form part of the bedrock on which a healthy ecosystem stands.


Reduce your Water Consumption

By being well-adapted to their environment, native plants require significantly less water than non-native species, including lawns. This helps homeowners reduce their water usage and maintain a lush landscape with minimal irrigation.


Support Healthy Watersheds

Many native plants have deep root systems that help in filtering rainwater, reducing runoff and erosion, and preventing pollutants from reaching waterways. In this way, they play a critical role in maintaining healthy and resilient watersheds.


Reduce use of Harmful Chemicals

Native plants typically do not require fertilizers or pesticides to thrive, reducing the need for these harmful chemicals that can leach into groundwater and negatively impact surrounding ecosystems.


Improve Climate Resilience

Most native plants are resilient to climate extremes, such as droughts and floods, helping your yard adapt to changing climate conditions while mitigating the impacts of extreme weather events on your local environment.

Extended Impact

In addition to the many amazing things native plants can do in your own yard, My Home Park is proud to act in direct support of the following efforts:
UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 global goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all people by 2030. Native plants allow for the realization of three of those goals.

6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

13 - Climate Action

15 - Life on land
Xerces Society

The Xerces Society is a leading nonprofit organization that works to protect wildlife and their habitats through the conservation of invertebrates like bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Their site features tons of helpful resources for how to transform your yard into a haven for beneficial insects and other wildlife.
California Native Plant Society

The California Native Plant Society (CNPS) is one of our country's foremost organizations for the understanding and conservation of native plants. Their mission is to protect California’s native plants and natural habitats through science, education, stewardship, gardening, and advocacy. At present we feature CNPS-approved collections for the Bay Area, greater Los Angeles, and greater San Diego regions and are featured in their Bay Area Planner tool.
Blue Thumb

My Home Park is proud to be an official partner of Blue Thumb. Blue Thumb is an organization dedicated to promoting native plants, rain gardens, and other environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Their goals include empowering individuals to create and maintain sustainable gardens that support local ecosystems and wildlife while stabilizing and cleaning the water table on which our natural spaces rely.

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