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Commercial Gardens

Native Plants for Commercial Landscapes

We design and deliver native plant gardens for commercial landscapes.

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Sustainable Solutions for Commercial Properties

Impact Page

Showcase the environmental impact of your native project with a custom-branded webpage. You can easily use it within your website or social channels to show your community the positive story about the ecological impact your project is making.

Native Plant Design Tools

We use proprietary design tools tailored specifically for native plants that enable cost savings while achieving efficient and attractive outcomes


Enhance the visibility of your native plant landscapes with physical signage to help highlight aesthetic elements while educating on the importance of native plants in the ecosystem.

Layout Guide

A custom map available in digital and physical formats makes it easy for the landscaping crew during installation.

Easy Logistics

Enjoy the convenience of direct shipping to your site organized in a way that ensures handling the plants is simple and hassle-free.


With our design tools and extensive grower network we are able to deliver plants within 10 days of locking in a final layout.

Project Support

Benefit from a dedicated Project Manager who serves as the point person for project plans, stats updates, and overall coordination.

Ongoing Support

We provide maintenance guides and seasonal content throughout the year.

Onsite Services

Additional onsite staff support can be included for large-scale or complex projects.

Benefits of Native Plants


Low water consumption


Low maintenance and no need for chemicals or fertilizer


Perennial and beautiful


Directly supports butterflies, bees, birds and other important species


Typically installed at a cost of $4/ft

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