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Meet Our Growers

A Gold Standard in Native Plant Growth

From large nurseries to backyard businesses, our partnered growers are native plant experts, dedicated to cultivating and caring for the most ecologically important plant species.


Zero use of neonicotinoids or other systemic pesticides

Professional application of organic and integrated pest management (IPM) practices

A focus on cultivating local ecotypes

No production of sterile cultivars

A stated dedication and professional mission to restore our environment through native plants

Meet Our Growers

Agrecol Native Plant Nursery logo

Agrecol Native Plant Nursery


Agrecol Native Plant Nursery is our primary grower for the Great Lakes and Midwest regions. Agrecol was founded in 1991 and has been producing high quality native plants and seed ever since. Agrecol has more than 200 native local ecotype species that they pull from to produce their plants. They are dedicated to protecting and enhancing native plant communities that provide biodiversity and enhance the environment in which we live.

Agrecol is proudly SANC Certified, meaning they have achieved among the highest standards in nursery practices for produce healthier plants and mitigate the movement of invasive species and pests.

Minnesota Native Landscapes logo

Minnesota Native Landscapes


Minnesota Native Landscapes (MNL) is a full-service ecological restoration company which provides decades of experience, knowledge, industry leadership and a variety of services to folks in Minnesota and beyond. Their nursery grows over 200 species native to the greater Upper Midwest and Plains regions, all cultivated from locally sourced seeds. As their slogan goes, MNL exists to heal the earth!

ArcheWild Native Nurseries logo

ArcheWild Native Nurseries

locationPennsylvania (East)

ArcheWild Native Nurseries is our primary grower for the Mid Atlantic, Southern New England, and Southeast US. ArcheWild is one of the largest exclusively native plant growers in the Eastern US, and is a leader in ecological restoration services on the East Coast. They are working to facilitate the intentional restoration of local landscapes with genetically diverse and sustainably grown native plants. This will ensure a self-sustaining and authentic ecosystem that will last a lifetime, stewarded by educated and empowered community members.

ArcheWild proudly established the Open-Pollinated, Local Ecotype (C) (OPLE) standard for native nurseries. OPLE nurseries grow plants strictly from seeds collected from wild, unimpacted populations to ensure genetic integrity and local ecological suitability for restoration projects.

Central Coast Wilds logo

Central Coast Wilds

locationCalifornia (Bay Area)

Central Coast Wilds was established in 1992 in Santa Cruz, California. Their work is motivated by the continuing loss of biodiversity, native species extinction, and the desertification of Western U.S. bioregions. They believe that these trends can be reversed through the application of ecological principles to land-use planning and management.

Native West Nursery logo

Native West Nursery

locationCalifornia (Greater San Diego),California (Greater Los Angeles)

Native West Nursery was established in 2003 and has been providing restoration-grade, beautiful plants and seed native to southern California ever since. Their attention to ecotype and organic growing practices means you can be confident you are planting most genetically appropriate and ecologically viable material in your yard.

Native Roots, Inc. logo

Native Roots, Inc.

locationOhio,West Virginia

Sonia Bingham and Jen Johnson formed Native Roots, Inc. in 2011 to improve biodiversity where they live by growing native plants from local seed. The sisters educate, grow and consult on natives in Ohio and West Virginia.

Plant It Native logo

Plant It Native


Josh Myers started up Plant It Native in 2014 shortly after earning his degree in Environmental Science. Located in Willoughby Hills in Northeast Ohio, Josh cultivates Ohio native plants that are sourced from local seed.

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