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We are launching in 12 new states!

AUGUST 15, 2023
Black butterfly on bee balm
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collage of native plants

I am constantly fascinated by how many bees, butterflies, other beneficial insects and birds find the native plants in my yard - almost as soon as they are planted. It is miraculous how swiftly the hummingbirds find the Cardinal Flowers, sweat bees begin buzzing about the Mountain Mint, bumblebees are climbing on the Monarda, and Monarch Butterflies find the Milkweed. One of my gardens, which contains Black-Eyed Susans, Purple Coneflowers, Beebalm, and Stiff Coreopsis, buzzes so loudly with native bees that people can hear the sounds through the phone calls I take. These observations and experiences make me continuously enamored with the world of native plants.

native plant gardens

We launched My Home Park in Ohio in May of 2022 to help folks bring native plants into their yards and managed landscapes with ease. Right now, the process of buying native plants can be cumbersome and intimidating. My Home Park makes this process easy by offering pre-designed native gardens that are optimized to a homeowner’s zip code and shipped straight to their door. The gardens come in the form of young plants (called ‘plugs’), along with a handy planting map, making it an easy gardening exercise for any person (gardener or non-gardener).

So many people wanted our designed native gardens delivered to their doors that we added 6 more states around the Great Lakes and Midwest a few months after our Ohio launch. We learned from the successes of these many homeowners and further refined how our pre-designed gardens can offer the most support to pollinators while maximizing visual beauty. With their support, we planted tens of thousands of native plants in just the first half of 2023 alone.


At My Home Park, our mission is to empower people to restore as many acres as possible, bringing lawns and non-native plantings back to their original state of native plants. Native plants are increasing in popularity and awareness in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and elsewhere across the country at a breathtaking rate, and we decided to put our efforts into finding growers to help us reach both novice and advanced native plant enthusiasts wherever they may live.

Today, My Home Park is launching pre-designed native gardens for Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Washington D.C., Kentucky, and Missouri. These gardens have been designed for the specific regions across these states, by considering the soil composition and the plant species native to each of these regions. Regardless of where you live, our gardens are packed with beautiful and powerful native plants that will restore habitats for pollinators, birds, and other beneficial wildlife.

bee on pink flower

Please spread the word and tell your friends in New England and the Mid Atlantic that My Home Park is now here to help in their region! We make it easy for everyone to successfully restore and beautify their yards with pre-designed native plant gardens that are intended to feed and support pollinators.

yellow butterfly on bee balm

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