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How It Works

Transforming Your Yard is as Easy as Order, Unbox, Plant

Pick your Native Garden

Begin by selecting your state to browse our carefully curated collections tailored specifically for your ecoregion.

We also offer free photo mockups to help you envision how beautiful a native pollinator garden could be in your own yard.

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Schedule Your Shipment

Schedule your shipment week as you place your order, and we'll work with our partnered grower for your area to have your plants shipped directly to your door from their nursery.

To ensure that your plants arrive ready to thrive, our growers only ship during times of year when conditions are safe.

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Guesswork-Free Planting

Once shipped, your live, healthy plants should arrive within three days. They can be maintained in their pots if necessary, but we expect you'll be ready to plant shortly after they're delivered.

We include a planting map pdf in your order confirmation email for every kit we sell and you’ll also receive a welcome guide booklet with your kit to help you get started and dug in with ease.

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