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We're on our way!

JULY 7, 2022
Native plant plugs in trays on a table outside
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We don't have a catalog built for your area - yet!

Although North America is home to hundreds of amazing native plants, not all of these plants occur naturally in all parts of the country. Native plants are actually uniquely adapted to specific areas where they have existed for thousands of years: getting comfy in the soil, tolerating the climate, and best supporting their local pollinators, birds, and other beneficial creatures.

An orange Monarch butterfly on Joe Pye Weed

Now is the Time to Act

People like yourself are becoming increasingly aware of the awesome importance, power and beauty of native plants - but there's a lot to learn! We are making it our job to find, research, and curate attractive, long-blooming combinations of native plants that will do well in your yard wherever you may live in North America. We are partnering with thoroughly-vetted growers, and planning gardens in a way that ensures they look great as they grow in. In short: we are working hard to reach your state as soon as we can!

A person's hand placing a small plant into open gloved hands

What we can offer you now

Rest assured we plan on expanding soon! Although we've launched and are selling plants in Ohio for now there are still a ton of things we can do for you if you live outside the Buckeye State!

If you're just learning about native plants now, we can show you why native plants matter. If you are excited to get started but don't know where to begin, we can show you how you can help your environment right at home. If you have additional interests or questions, check out our Blog, our FAQs, or reach out to us directly via our contact page to see if we can't help you with a custom order!

Front Yard Native Plant Garden

If nothing else, sign up for our email list! We'll be sending around interesting tidbits on gardening with native plants, helpful tips on supporting pollinators and other beneficial wildlife, and progress updates on our impact, offerings, and availability.

Wherever you live, we want to empower you to get to know your natural neighbors while bringing biodiversity and beauty to your yard. Reach out to start Your Home Park today!

Let's Get Growing!

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