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Native Plant Partnerships

Managed Native Plant Sales

We partner with your organization to deliver custom plant sale solutions

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Custom Landing Page - Nature Center At Shaker Lake

Plants can be available for local pickup

We Can Ship Directly To Your Members!

What you get with our Partnership

Branded E-Commerce

Setup of a custom shopping experience, including payment collection and web design customized to reflect your organization's narrative and look

Custom Naming

You can use plant kit names that reflect community landmarks or corporate sponsors; get creative!


You will be given a custom login to view web traffic, track purchases, and see commissions in real time

Plant Availability

We have an extensive partner network of quality native growers, ensuring we can meet any demand, and selling out is a thing of the past.

Designed for Success

Our expert native plant designs improve the long-term success of your customers while offering a wide variety for your organization to choose from

Flexible Dates

Most plant sales require pickup at a location your team has to manage on a specific date or weekend. Our extensive grower network allows for multiple order windows for the ultimate flexibility of your community.

Efficient Logistics

Enjoy the convenience of having the plants directly shipped to your members using special packaging that ensures handling the plants is simple and hassle-free

Planting Maps

A custom layout will be included with each other to help make planting a breeze.


Once we get your organization onboarded, sales can easily be offered anytime, including the Spring and Fall growing sessions.

Benefits of Native Plants


Low water consumption


Low maintenance and no need for chemicals or fertilizer


Perennial and beautiful


Directly supports butterflies, bees, birds and other important species


Typically installed at a cost of $4/ft

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